How to use Social Media Platforms effectively?


Marketing strategies launched via any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube could be defined as Social Media Marketing. This strategy is all about driving web traffic or visitors and brand awareness through social media platforms by engaging the target audience in related online discussions to market the company's products and services.

Social Media Networks
With the emergence of these platforms, most of the people tend to show their presence and engagements over them as a habit. So eventually, this has totally changed the way people interact with society, turning their social networks into online. These interactions are mostly based on creating and sharing contents on social media leading to discussions with the other members. As this is mostly used for effective marketing purposes, these platforms have separate data analytical tools that facilitate marketers to track the performance of their strategies & efforts according to the consumer behavior.

Why Social Media Matters?
In this circumstance, where almost all of the consumers already interact with their brands through social media platforms, if you don't connect with your audience through them, you’ll be thrown away out of the market. By today, there are more than 3.78 billion worldwide social media users out of the global population. Accordingly, more than 90% of the B2C marketers are engaged with social media while B2B goes more than 60% and this clearly reveals about the huge potential in social media platforms to attract the attention of the audience to create a devoted set of advocated loyal clients without engaging in a single physical activity. The success this has generated to thousands and millions of businesses may prove the reliability of Social Media Marketing.

How to Choose Your Social Media Platform?

Facebook : Being the most outstanding platform among the teenageers,millenials and even the middle ages, Facebook has emerged as the best platform with the highest community engagements to grow community building and social interactions needed for a branding strategy.

Instagram and Pinterest : Instagram is nevertheless similar to Facebook and shows a speedy trend by the users. It already has grabbed the teenagers in showcasing their leisure lives and it suits best for businesses based on visual contents such as Food, Travelling, Fashion, Photography,..etc. Pinterest is also something newly emerged as an unique Social Media Platform with awesome visual contents.

Twitter : Twitter is basically a platform from where you can get the fastest official updates, quick messages and opinions of the users. It is also known as a micro-blogging site which allows the users to connect through short messages called tweets. When it comes to marketing, this is a place where most of the brands talk about their updates to their clients and prospects.

Reddit : Reddit has emerged as a top-notch platform for discussions on any topic from ‘breathing air’ to ‘launching space crafts’. Most of the brands also use this platform to connect with their customers and prospects who love to listen, review and discuss various products and services through the communities called ‘sub-reddit’. So this may help those brands to maintain better customer relationships while fan discussions boost organic brand awareness. ‘Karma’ is a kind of points methods offered within this platform to avoid spamming along with the ‘upvoting’ and ‘downvoting’ features.

LinkedIn : Professional Networking of an individual, group or a company in this decade relies on Linkedin. Professional employees & employers are used to engaging in this platform to make their presence in front of the other reputed companies and their staff. Especially, there is an effective procedure for the career finders and they could even reach the top management of a company if they have a premium account.

YouTube : YouTube is the highest most visited website over the whole globe and when it comes to the US, it's the second as Facebook comes first. 90% of the people discover new brands and products through the video contents in Youtube while 62% of the companies tend to post their video content in Youtube. For each single day, 1 billion hours of video are watched by the global population.

Each and every afore-mentioend social media platform provides you with their own analytical metrics to track and trace your reach outs and the extent you or your brand gained through a particular activity. Accordingly, after choosing the platform that you need to engage with, you can reflect and review the progress you have acquired within a particular period of time.

Instead of focusing on direct purchases at once, social media marketing strategies function to initiate the dialogues with the audience to make it easy for them to reach the brand in order to build brand awareness among them. So, an effective social media marketing strategy does not refer to the messages asking them to spend money right away for a product or service. So if any brand is capable of launching a proper social media strategy while having the concern on the comfortability of the audience, it may boost that brand's ability to grow higher among others and that's why you need to fetch a real expert.

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