What is Affiliate Marketing? What is the logic behind?


Affiliate Marketing is based on a commission offered for providing a specific result such as sales, conversions, leads to the retailer or advertiser by an affiliate. Mostly this action would be ‘sales’ but sometimes even downloading a certain file would also work. Simply for an example, affiliates do a kind of promotion to a selected product or products and gain the commission for the sales done through that promotion. So those sales, conversions or leads are tracked via the affiliate links through which they were generated and the particular affiliate will be awarded accordingly.

What ‘Affiliates’ Do?
The most common affiliate marketing method is blogging but there are many more. When it comes to Microsites, Email Lists and Video Marketing, they also perform well in ‘affiliate links’ and ‘sponsored posts’ which you can see in most of the websites you log daily. Accordingly, anyone can join an affiliate marketing network and earn these kinds of commissions through their content. So if you are the one who could build much worthy and converting, attractive digital content, the more you make the profits through Affiliate Marketing .

Why ‘Affiliates’ for your Business?
Most especially, affiliate marketing methods decentralize the marketing responsibility with a set of passionate individuals who are armed with numerous marketing skills & techniques in order to make the marketing strategy versatile and more effective through those variety of skills that every individual has.Simply, this method empowers the marketing strategy with a variety of resources separately located and use them all at different applications in the same single ‘sales mechanism’. So in return for that, those affiliates would earn a reasonable portion of the profit from the sales they have converted. In this way the affiliates work as the intermediate party to create the sales link between the product manufacturer and the consumers while gaining a commission.

Why ‘Affiliate Marketing’ for ‘Affiliates’?
On the other hand, the affiliates would be able to start their own business or a kind of a passive income without any upfront investment. Only thing they just wanna do is some time investment and a few simple costs for creating the traffic source. And if you choose a few already established brand products, sometimes there would be nothing at all to do to promote those products. And if you are keen at this, you’ll be able to ‘earn while you sleep’ and there are thousands and millions who do like that by today.

What Does the Consumer Get?
As a consumer, everyone wants to know about better solutions for their existing issues. A successful business always emerges to the market as a unique, sustainable and productive solution for an issue for which the consumer had no solution at all or suffered from very few poor solutions with minimum satisfaction. So if the affiliates are capable and creative enough to impress this audience with a better solution, definitely that would be an ‘long awaited offer’ for that set of consumers and for sure, they would do the required marketing campaign themselves on behalf of the affiliates and the brand through their satisfactory reviews and feedback on the product or service. So definitely, consumers would love to hear about new solutions, alternatives, products and services as they are yearning for a better one all the time.

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